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Aluminum and Chrome Rim Repair, Body and Paint Service  Agreement.

Service and Agreement

The Jet System gives our customers car show quality at a car wash price. The Jet system cleans, details, repairs and seals damaged rims and bumpers. We are proud to offer our service at a reasonable price, no longer will the driver cry over rim rash. Even though, our service  is classified as detailing we guarantee close to perfect results. This Agreement is for the repair of damaged items, even though we attempt to re-create a like new appearance some small imperfections may  remain. In the event,  imperfections are non-related to the damage we will guarantee our work for thirty days. We also guarantee non related issues such as heat damage, rain check, sand and road hazard damage

if it occurs within the 30 day time frame. We do not guarantee or work on bent or cracked rims at anytime .  This guarantee means we will return free of charge to make the repairs as  needed  At no time do we imply that we have a money back guarantee. Our pledge is to repair damaged goods to the best possible condition. We do not customize our jobs and work is  geared to keep its original stock appearance . In the event, it is determined the damage is irreversible we won't gamble with your life bent and cracked rims lose their integrity and can fold or break!  We can give you an estimate on new reconditioned rims at a very reasonable price . This is a fully insured service and all pertinent information can be verified on www.​ Auto painting has a contract and is warrantied for 12 months and all work is done by certified paint technicians.

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